Off Site Shredding in Phoenix, AZ

Off site shredding has the advantage of using a larger, faster shredder than can be placed in a mobile truck. Where the average mobile shred truck can destroy around 5,000 pounds an hour, a shredder in a plant will destroy 20,000 pounds an hour.

Off site shredding does comply with all current federal and Arizona state privacy laws. However, if you do want to watch the shredding, an on site option is recommended as it is not guaranteed you can witness the shredding at the plant.

How Off Site Shredding Works in Phoenix

offsite shredding services in Phoenix
STEP 1: Collect all the paper that must be destroyed. 

STEP 2: Materials are transported to a secure Phoenix shredding plant.

STEP 3: The paper is shredded and baled for shipment to an Arizona paper mill.

STEP 4: Certificate of Destruction is sent based on the exact volume of paper shredded.

STEP 5: Shredded and compacted materials are recycled into new paper.

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